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lemon and cream

lately loves been on my tongue…
i love the weather today
i love roomy parking stalls
i love the fridays i get my paycheck in the mail
i love these warm fresh 
clothes out of the dryer 
i love the first bite of any meal
i love how my hair looks this morning
i love this song on the radio
i love traffic today 
i love going back to sleep
at twelve in the afternoon…

yet i had always wondered… 
is it true that as we become comfortable 
with expressive 
emotion bonded words they 
slowly begin to fade…
settling into our vocabulary as 
common items like dog or cat…
because honestly…
i love the way i feel about you 
i love being reminded of how much you care 
i love everything 
every feeling and emotion
you inspire and coax 
out and into mee….
i love your phone calls 
i love your groggy morning voice 
i love when you punch and tickle me senseless
i love when your romantic
and i love your embrace…
and honestly the more i use 
and throwabout that word
in regards to you…
the more i yearn to 
years down the road 
greet you in the morning 
kiss you on your lips 
and flood you in a sea of 

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